About Ecofuel
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EcoFuelA Novel Process Chain Paving The Way For Green Fuels

The EU-funded EcoFuel project will create and demonstrate an innovative process chain able to improve the energy efficiency for production of synthetic fuel from CO2 and water using renewable energy. This next-generation renewable fuel for energy and transport will increase energy efficiency and reduce costs associated with energy conversion from CO2. The process chain comprises

  • the supply of CO2 from the atmosphere via a novel direct air capture approach,
  • the direct electro-catalytic reduction of CO2 to C2/C3 alkenes at close to ambient temperatures, and
  • the thermo-catalytic liquefaction of alkenes, upgrading and fractionation into transport fuels.

The overall ecological and techno-economic performance of the EcoFuel process chain will be validated by in-depth impact assessments.

The project will draw upon highly experienced research institutes, universities and well-established companies who will jointly develop and exploit an electrochemistry-based process chain to produce CO2 neutral fuels.


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